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Enter a new world



Much more than a simple directory, with ibbou-pro, you have a total and thorough vision of the company(profile, photos, videos, internet sites, current affairs) and take advantage of advice from other members.Professionals, increase your presence and communicate efficiently with your customers. With ibbou-pro, the subscription is fast and free ! To go further and do more. Create ready-to-use showcase sites or personalised e-commerce boutiques. Contact us at


A birth, a trip, the sale of your house…endless opportunities to use iBBou and create Internet sites.Invite your family and friends; share your photos and videos with them using protected access. New, ! Take free advantage of a technology used by professionals in order to create you websites.


Crazy about music ? Share the world of your favourite artists and exchange your favourites of the moment with your friends. Musician or group, having difficulties in promoting an album or organising a tour... With Ibbou music, spread the word /buzz. You can share your media and create an original site that is in tune with your musical interests.


Passionate about sports ? Support your favourite sports personnalities by following their activities and exploits. Sports-fans, sports clubs or associations, announce your results directly, the dates of your future competitions and display your photos and videos... Create your website. With ibbou-sport, share your passion and find sponsors.


Do you have artistic tastes ? Submerge yourself in the creative word of your favourite artists and share your discoveries with your friends.Artists, ibbou-arts is the new place for exchange and culture. Share your passion and explore new means of expression by enlarging your artistic style on canvas.


Create your community

1. I sign up on iBBou 2. I invite a friend to join my community 3. My friend accepts and in turn becomes a member of iBBou 4. I develop my website and invite other iBBou members 5. Ican create groups, friends, family, clients, partners,… 6. I animate my community by sending messages and comments 7. I can refuse an invitation or block all requests

Share your media

1. I can search for media, add them to my favourites, rate them and make a comment. 2. I import my personal media, photos, music, videos, press releases RSS 3. I share my media by public access 4. or private, resticted only to a group of my community

Build your website

1. I can create my website in Flash with iS Designer software 2.I use it online from whatever computer anywhere 3. I can insert personal media or those authorised from other members 4.I can add graphic components proposed by iBBou (widget, button, animation,...) 5.I can build my website step by step from a blank page, or use a template by modifying the design contents at will 6. I can create securized areas... and restrict their use to members of my community 7. I can publish my site on my own domain name, or on my blog 8. My site is automatically referenced by the research engine


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